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FEC Directors Invited to Speak at Boston Conference

Dr. Rebekah Zimmerman, FEC’s Director of Clinical Genetics, and Dr. Nathan Treff, Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey’s Director of Molecular Biology Research, were invited to speak at the upcoming Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Inaugural Reproductive Genetic Diagnosis Conference in Boston, Massachusetts on November 18. Dr. Zimmerman will be highlighting the latest validation and clinical data on the science behind IdentifySGD and our ability to perform PGD for single gene disorders and aneuploidy screening on a single trophectoderm biopsy. Dr. Treff will present on the rigorous validation and important clinical implications of the FEC’s SelectCCS aneuploidy screening by qPCR. For more information about the conference, visit: http://www.healthtech.com/reproductive-genetic-diagnostics/